#tbt to Summer 2014

Summer 2014 has been on my mind a lot lately so I thought I'd do a little #tbt today

We had FINALLY gotten the ok to get pregnant again after lots of back and forth and some miscommunication with my hepatologist. With RJ we got pregnant right away so my perinatologist joked that he'd see me next month for my first appointment....but that didn't happen. He didn't see me at all that summer.

After all we had been through I wish that trusting God's timing would have been my first reaction. Instead I was afraid that I'd never get the chance to be a mama again--or at least not for a LONG time! We knew we'd be moving summer 2015 for P's residency and with my high risk history moving mid pregnancy wasn't an option for us. And the thought of finding a whole new team of doctors in a new city made me cry!

I prayed a lot to understand my purpose and what God was trying to teach me. I knew he had a plan and I just had to trust him.

This is when a friend talked to me about being a health and wellness coach with Team Beachbody.

At first I laughed--I don't need one more thing to balance while I'm trying to stay calm and get pregnant. I had connected with lots of awesome mamas online while I was grieving, healing and working on getting my health back. Their examples meant so much to me and their encouragement helped me push through. But I was in a funk, I was so focused on not getting pregnant in our little window of time that I didn't feel like I had much to give.

I thought about it for a few days and was honestly surprised that coaching was the right thing for me and for our family but it felt right, it even felt exciting!! For the first time in months I had something fun and positive to focus on. I was surrounded by amazing women, I was learning and growing as I read personal development books and I was supporting and loving others instead of just thinking about myself. And bonus--I was exercising more consistently and feeling less stress!

As I saw the potential coaching had to offer another worry I had went away--the hubs residency is unpaid so we had talked about me working swing shifts at a group home so P could be home with the baby in the evening and I could earn some money so we didn't have to take as many additional student loans. This wasn't the dream I had of what FINALLY being a new mama would be like but it was better than having our future babe in daycare. With coaching I realized that I could work from home helping mamas be healthy and raise healthy families and NOT have to leave my babe at all!!!

God's timing was perfect. October, the very last month it was possible for me to get pregnant and have the babe in Portland before our move, I got pregnant!!! If I had gotten pregnant right away I doubt I would have started coaching during the morning sickness and crazy tired phase. And now I'd be missing out on all the sweet moments I have with my little Redd who I waited so long for! It almost feels too good to be true

Are you in a funk?! Or do you know women around you who are that could use your positivity and support to love themselves and their bodies more? Would you love the built-in accountability and commitment to creating a healthy lifestyle that comes with coaching? Would earning money working from home bless your family?

Don't let fear, misinformation or concerns hold you back from just finding out a little more. I'm gonna be chatting about what coaching is live TONIGHT {Thursday 2/4} at 8:00 pm Central. I'll post the link to the live YouTube stream later today---jump on and check it out! If you can't make it at 8 the video will be available on my YouTube channel to watch after!! I was skeptical but I can't tell you how grateful I am that I gave it a chance!