Paleo crockpot recipes that saved my life this week

This week was rough! You know what those look like....lots of items on the to-do list, fussy baby, extra appointments, hubs studying for finals, barfy pup, sore body from tough workouts....nothing terrible but just busy and I felt like I could NOT keep up. In my fit club we did a week of crock pot meals. I picked the 2 most simple ones and doubled them ;)

This time of year is extra crazy---so do yourself a favor and put dinner in the crockpot midday and forget about it!!! I love that these don't have lots of ingredients or things you need to make a special trip to the store for---I already had everything I needed #momwin ;)

I put the chicken in frozen. Used a crockpot liner. And had the hubs asking what smelled so good when he walked in the door, not once but TWICE this week!!! :)

Here are the recipes!