The Golden Rule...

Redd had SO much fun playing with a new little buddy yesterday morning--he couldn't quite keep up but it was fun to see him furniture walk further than he has before 😍

My high school friend Kimberlee invited us to attend a Sisters in the Scriptures event with her and her baby guy this morning. Although I didn't get much of the lesson in because I was chasing this little dude around I was able to listen for a few minutes when the speaker was sharing about treating others kindly and not gossiping or being hurtful to others to make ourselves feel better. 
This really stuck out to me because yesterday some internet mean mamas said some hurtful things to a friend of mine. She handled the situation SO gracefully and reminded me of how Christ would respond.

It's been a good reminder to me of treating others with love and how important it is to ALWAYS be kind. We are ALL facing hard things and doing the best we can---we need to have each others' backs instead of competing to be better or have it "more together" than the mama we see struggling! Kindness is where it's at!! 👭