Sleep deprivation....

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This morning my heart is extra full and grateful for all my online mama friends 💖💖💖 I have made some pretty incredible friends and met and been influenced some amazing women.

I'm in a HELLP Syndrome Survivor group. Some mamas had HELLP yesterday, some 25 years ago. Some have angel babies, rainbow babies, HELLP-free babies. And we live all over the world but we all have the life changing experience of battling HELLP in common.

One sweet mama this week wrote a post saying her 9 month old {adjusted age} HELLP babe was no longer sleeping NOT in her arms--nap time, bedtime, anytime 😝 and she wondered if anyone had any mom insight. First, I thought did I write that post in my crazy tired mom zone and forget 😂😴 and second, I did a little happy dance to feel some solidarity in this no sleep phase. If it was happening to another baby too then it couldn't just be MY fault because I haven't sleep trained Redd, or because we travel and change up his sleep schedule.

The best part is the comments and suggestions to this sleep deprived mama were ALL encouraging and positive. No one tried to make her feel less than because she had a different sleep routine then them 🙌💁👊✨

One mama said to google sleep regression because between 8-10 months it's NORMAL and something babies do!!! Hallelujah---all this crazy mom guilt I have been feeling isn't necessary, Redd is going through a normal development stage 🙌

 Another BIG thanks to the baby sleep specialists who wrote blog posts and articles about this 8-10 month sleep regression phase---I have been doing some serious googling this morning and I'm feeling better and more empowered already!

And here's a cute pic of 3 week old Redd who loved to sleep ALL the time 😉😍 it really is amazing how fast they grow and learn in such a relatively short amount of time!