Happy Thursday...

used to think I didn't want Redd to learn to walk because he'd be way too grown up and not my baby anymore...now I'm realizing the pull himself up on EVERY single {usually unsteady!} thing is WAY WORSE! 😜😳😁🙈 He is sure proud of himself though! We got a late start this morning. I think the go go go of vacation is catching up with us. So it's 11 and we just got cleaned up from breakfast and my morning workout and are now counting the minutes until nap time...or at least one of us is 😉 I seriously wanted to make today an extra rest day 😴 but talked myself into hustling through my 22 minute workout---yes, I modified more than usual and no, I didn't sweat as much as usual BUT I still did it! I listened to my body and took it easy but I didn't let my excuses win! 💁🙌

Hope y'all have a Happy Thursday and that ya check something off your list that makes you feel accomplished today ✅