Because I can...

I saw this quote the other night that one of my fit friends posted and it made me think back to when I physically couldn't get out of bed both times I had HELLP Syndrome---and how grateful I was when I could finally get up and walk again.

I promised myself that I would work so hard to not take all that my body CAN do for granted. Even if I feel frustrated with the aftermath of HELLP and Pre-Eclampsia or disappointed that pregnancy is not something my body does well---I allow myself to feel the hurt but remind myself what a blessing my imperfect body is! 

Redd was up a LOT last night and just out of sorts {more teeth?!🙈😝😁😩😭😳} and I really wanted to skip my workout this morning. I remembered this quote, got up, drank some pre workout, laced up my tennies and pushed play for the longest 22 minute workout of my life haha