Transformation Tuesday

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 11.09.23 PM.png

I love face to face comparisons 👍👍 Tonight I'm feeling extra tired and a little worn down. I think as a new mama {or maybe any mama} you have days where you wonder if you are doing this whole motherhood thing very well. 
Something that perks me up is to look back at pictures of tiny Redd and watch videos of his newborn squeaks. I've kept him alive 8 1/2 months so I'm obvi doing something right 🙃😂 So while daddy has him in the tubby I've been scrolling through the photo album on my phone. 
Redd def takes the cake 🎂 for biggest transformation on this transformation Tuesday--5 weeks to 37 weeks {8 1/2 months} BUT hot dang I'm seeing some progress in my face. 
I'm not just working hard to create and stick with healthy habits to have a thin face {but I'll take it!🙌} but to help my body feel good, to have energy to enjoy life and to keep up with this growing boy. 
If you want some support creating healthy habits, boosting your energy or getting a thinner face 😉 send me an email {} or find me on Facebook here and send me a message
! I'd love to chat about my coaching services and the accountability and tools I can offer you!! Sticking with a health plan {not rigid diet😝} is possible even when life is straight up CRAY!!