I'm tired today 💤💤💤 all I wanna do during nap time is cozy up and nap too----but when I reflect back on why I started changing my lifestyle to include daily exercise and healthy food in correct portions I'm reminded of how much better I feel now. Not just physically but emotionally, it felt bad knowing I wasn't taking care of my body how I should be. 
I always knew I SHOULD be healthy. That I shouldn't eat so many sweets or so much junk. That I should exercise more. But I didn't stick with it---life was hectic working full time+ and being a newlywed. Then job changes came and my hours got crazier so take out and 6 hours of sleep a night was a good night 😝

I felt guilty that I wasn't taking better care of myself and it weighed on me. I knew it was important but didn't know how I was going to consistently fit it in. 
Now I have the tools and I'm working everyday to be consistent and make my health a priority. So even though one skipped workout wouldn't kill me {I still miss them more often than I'd like 😁} I'm choosing to stick with the healthy habits I've worked for!! 💪👊 30 mins is going down in my living room right now---and hopefully 🙏🙏🙏 Redd's nap is long enough for me to squeeze in a quick power nap after 🙌💁