Be gentle, mamas!

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I saw this quote posted by a fellow angel mama last night and it's been on my mind since then ✨ 
It's so easy to think of the million things we didn't get done or that we didn't do flawlessly each day and get down on ourselves.

I know after having Redd I put all my energy into being the best mama for him and none into taking care of me! He was finally here and I wanted to be the very best mama for him. Partly, I think I was mad at my body for getting HELLP again but mostly I was just so focused on my new role as mama that I kinda forgot my role as self. 


These past 6 months as I have worked to put energy into taking care of me too because I want to feel like me again and ultimately I know that will make me a better mama---it's been quite a journey. HELLP Syndrome and regular new mama tiredness really took it out of me. Many days I have struggled finding the balance as I try to return to my healthier habits--especially with eating! 🙈😝 This quote was the perfect reminder--be GENTLE with myself!! I AM doing my BEST and guess what? So are YOU! We got this mamas!! Happy Wednesday!! 😘❤️💁👫