Shameless selfie...

No more post-school mama milks for lil dude so we hardly have car photo sessions anymore 😆📸....but I wanted to take a selfie anyway to document that I got ready today 🤗🙌💁

Which might seem lame BUT it makes me feel good! And I'm all about mamas feeling good about themselves!!

I'm tots the mama that rocks the top knot, sweat pants, hardly any make up look like 99% of the time---it's just easy to never get ready 🙄 and between #momlife of a wild toddler and being a #fitmomboss---easy wins like 110% of the time 😅😅😅

But the 15 mins that it took to get ready today = #worthit!! It's nice to remember that I used to get dressed everyday, work in an office and leave the house for more than tot school drop off + chick fil a 😂😂😂😂😂

So if you're in a lil {or BIG} slump today---grab a hairbrush, dry shampoo, blush + lipstick 💄 and I promise it will put just enough pep in your step to survive until bedtime 😜