Remembering my RJ boy...

Oh, the pain in the eyes behind that smile 💔👼 

Capture Your Grief week 1 review

Sunrise dedication: I love you forever, I'll miss you for always--forever and ever my baby you'll be

Who they are: Sweet RJ made me a mama on 1/18/13. 

What it felt like: A whirlwind. I was fighting for my life with a broken heart and shattered dreams. He was tiny and perfect, and my body failed him.

Support circles: I wouldn't have survived without mine. My heart bursts with gratitude for all the love, support and true friendship we received. Serving others isn't always convenient or easy and I know our friends and family didn't always know exactly what to do or say--but they showed up. God made sure every time I was sinking that someone showed up!

The unspoken: Missing him so much. Wishing HELLP had taken me too--because I wasn't sure I could ever go on. How is it even possible to go on without your child?! 

Empathy: Letting someone grieve how they need--just being there with them. Making sure they know that their pain and darkness isn't going to change how much you love them. 

Myths: That grief ever goes away! I still wake up everyday wishing this was all a bad dream and that RJ was tucked into his bed waiting to take on his day as a 3 year old.