Is your mindset making your life harder?

At church this past week someone commented that "life is just hard" and it got me thinking about our mindset and how the way we view our life can make it seem so much harder.

In my morning reading {gotta love the personal development books} this quote from a Holocaust survivor really stuck out to me because it is how P and I survived the last 2.5 years!!

This pic was taken about 15 months after we had RJ---we still didn't have a baby {in fact we had had 2 miscarriages since RJ} and I was still having complications with my liver BUT we were happy. We had done a lot of changing to our lifestyle---physically and emotionally. We were taking care of our bodies and our minds---including the negative thought of never having more kiddos. We were working to change the things in our lives that we had power over so we could better deal with the things we didn't. Trust me we had a LOT of bad days but each day we kept trying and kept working at it and slowly it got easier!

We aren't special---anyone can change!! Whatever you are struggling with I KNOW you can change and find happiness on the journey as well! You got this!!