#momlife = #glamlife....psych ;)

Mom life is often the opposite of glam life 😝 and sometimes I get bogged down feeling a little blah! Especially this week as I'm getting caught up after a weekend away and having food poisoning. Redd guy woke up mid nap when the repair guy came 😁 but neither of us were ready for him to be up yet 😂😉so we are snuggled in mama's bed--he is snoozed some more and I read "I Am That Girl". 

Loved this quote from my reading and the great reminder of what true beauty is.

It's easy to get caught up in life and everything going on---but what's the last thing you did to make the world a more beautiful place? Doesn't have to be something huge, just put forth an effort to lift up those around you. As you share your love it will make you even more beautiful!💖

{Please note this is NOT a pic of us from nap time today! We had a whole lot more frizz, yoga pants and eye goobies going on today 💁}