12 Days of Fitmas---you're invited!! :)

Merry *almost* Christmas! I am so SO excited to be hosting our 2nd Annual 12 DAYS OF FITMAS!!!! 

It's not always {or ever} easy to get a full workout in around the holidays but with the extra treats🍩🍪🍫🍕and stress🙈 it is so important to still move your body EVERYday! This will be the perfect way to get a FUN and quick workout in each day. I'd love for you to take a few minutes for YOU this holiday season and join me in the fun!👭

Starting on Sunday, December 13th, we will spend 12 days doing 12 simple moves to help us stay active leading up to Christmas! Each day, I will be gifting YOU with a new workout move, sung to the classic tune "12 Days of Christmas". I might even sing along!...but probs not 🙉

{if Sunday is your rest day then jump in and join us on Monday!}

Did I mention that I will be giving away some Fitmas gifts to those who come have a merry time with me? :)

Tag a friend in this post and invite them to join in too! It's going to be a fun countdown to Christmas and by the end of the 12 days you're going to have a great workout you can keep using!

Click here to join the 12 Days of Fitmas event! I will also be posting my daily circuit on Instagram @wellnessformama